Message from your Mayor - Tom Henderson

                             I would like to give you some reminders of ordinances (laws) that are in effect:

1.     Please cut your grass at regular intervals.  (This includes ditches and up to the street.)  We want Center Point to be a clean City.

2.     If you do not subscribe to Advanced Disposal garbage service, you are responsible for the disposal of garbage and trash.  (See link to the left for more information regarding Advanced Disposal.)

3.     Center Point does have a Smoking Ordinance prohibiting smoking in all public buildings as well as City parks.  Please observe this ordinance.

4.     Center Point also has a Dangerous Dog Ordinance that prohibits pit bulls in Center Point.  We also have a Lease Law that requires all dogs be on a lease and under the control of their owner when not in a fence or structure.

5.     The Center Point Curfew Ordinance is in effect.  From Sunday through Thursday the curfew time for everyone 17 and under is 9 p.m.  On Friday through Saturday it is 11 p.m.  During the week, Monday through Friday, children of school age should be in school or at home during school hours.

           In Center Point we have a significant problem of drivers cutting through parking lots to avoid traffic lights.  We have had quite a few accidents caused by this action.  This is a violation of traffic laws and could lead to the driver receiving a ticket or being arrested.  This maneuver needs to stop.

           I want to close by thanking all of you for your support of the City and the efforts we are making to make the City a better place for all our citizens.

-Tom Henderson


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